"You are the God who performs miracles"

Psalms 77:14

It is my pleasure to heartily endorse the ministry of Sally and Wayne Curham.
You need to have them visit and bless your church!!!

My wife and I have known and been associated with Sally for over 40 years, practically all her ministry life, and certainly all of ours. She has a great depth of experience in church life, serving on ministry teams, pioneering church based ministries, functioning in pastoral ministry, and carrying leadership positions at the most senior level. Consequently Sally carries much wisdom, insight, and application of the Word in her ministry output. There is a distinctive powerful and sensitive flow to moving in the Holy Spirit with prophetic insight, undergirded by a deep prayer, evident in her life. In fact anybody who gets to know Sally will be awed by her intercessory prayer for cities and city ministers.

Marriages are made in heaven they say...having both walked through the tragic loss of respective spouses, and raised great families, the more recent marriage of Sally and Wayne is nothing short of a divine arrangement. The synergistic exponential effect of these two in ministry must unseat the confidence of presiding devils - and Wayne does it so happily! He is infectiously bold, full of faith, and a "Holy Ghost" man with a great heart for people. Mild mannered religion will be shifted to passion with this guy around.

We have had these two in our decidedly young adult urban church - our folks loved them, and furthermore their contribution to our progress as a church was measurable! I mean, they didn't leave us wondering - they left us inspired by purposes of God for us and our city and more committed to the task. I am not so sure this a "notice of endorsement" as much it is a warning - but have them minister in your church soon, you won't regret it!!!

Sincerely yours,
Graham Fletcher
Snr Minister C3 Church Vancouver
Chairman Christian City Church of Canada Society.
16 January 2014